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Here is The Perfect Solution To Help You Drop 9lbs or more and feel incredible in your own skin without spending hours in the gym.

(Even If You Have Tried and Failed Before)

Hey! Shaun here, Let me explain

Imagine right now having full control over your time and behaviours so that you can achieve everything you have ever wanted in life

You pull back the duvet covers when your alarm goes off inspired to start your day because you have double your energy and have a new purpose in life because you have prioritised YOU

What would that mean to you?

This program isn’t suited to everyone and if you’re afraid of challenging yourself and finding your deeper meaning then tap back as this isn’t for you

What I do know is that what you are looking for is very simple yet isn’t easy when you try to do it alone with no one in your corner.

Did you know that over 90% of people QUIT the gym within 3 months of starting?

Which can easily be avoided with the right method in place backed up with a community of like-minded, strong and passionate supporters who will hold you accountable along your way

 How do I know this?


Because I have been you for many years

Working out 7 days a week, eliminating carbs and pushing myself to breaking point to only see no returns.

How would it feel if you stayed exactly how you are now for the rest of your life?

This powerful course is only open to people who are fed up with being DISHEARTENED of never reaching their full potential and want to POWER UP so they never want to have to start again.

These courses run on limited spaces to ensure that the highest value is provided for you

if you would love to save your space for the next course click APPLY NOW

And receive all the bonuses for the early bird offer if you get in before December 31st (Keep reading to find out more)



Via this 12 Week Course YOU CAN GUARANTEE:

  • YOU CAN GUARANTEE An Accountability Group Power Call Every Week Which Will be Recorded For Life Time Use Which Means You Never Have To waste Time Searching For The Answer Ever Again
  • YOU CAN GUARANTEE Instant Access Via Messenger to Yours Truly, Which Means You Never Have To Struggle Alone 
  • YOU CAN GUARANTEE Full Access To The Members Only Website and Facebook Group Which Mean You Have A Strong Team Of Like Minded People Supporting You On Your Journey
  • YOU CAN GUARANTEE To See An Incredible Change In Just 12 Weeks or Your Money Back, Which Means Your Investment Is Safe With Me

  • YOU CAN GUARANTEE That You Will See An Incredible Body Transformation With No Restrictions, Which Means You Can Still Enjoy All Your Favourite Food and Drinks
  • YOU CAN GUARANTEE That You don’t Have To Workout Every Day To See The Results You Desire, Which Means You Gain Valuable Time Back To Spend With Your Loved Ones

 With over 11 years of experience and over 1520 Hours of coaching sessions I know this program will work for you

Playing Professional Ice Hockey since the age of 16 I have been able to practice and execute multiple strategies that have strengthen my Fat Loss Method to fit even the most disheartened dieter.

But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at this….

Client Transformations – Click Here

 What are you going to get:

  • This is a 12 week Behaviour Change Group Mastermind
  • You will get a Live Group Coaching call every week where you will dig into the fundamentals of the popular GTB Behaviour Change Method
  • All calls will be recorded so you can re visit at any time
  • You will have full access to the Members Only website
  • You also have full access to your own private Facebook Group
  • There will be full access to me which means I can personally help you with any individual struggles you may have

This course has limited spaces

EARLY BIRD Added bonuses:

  • Sign up for the Early Bird before December 31st 2021 and you will receive £200 off the course price
  • Not only that but you will get 1 extra group call that will be held in January 2022
  • Along with access to a 5 month payment plan
  • You will also gain access to my Power List Journal so you can keep your daily actions focused to one place
  • You will receive a free personalised note pad so you can keep all your key powerful information all in one place, which means you never have to waste time searching on Google again.

Not only do I guarantee this will work for you if you implement everything I ask but also I am willing to put my money where my mouth is.

If this program doesn’t show you exactly how to drop the unwanted pounds, if it doesn’t show you how to take back control, if it doesn’t give you a plan to get ready if you’re not ready right now, we don’t want your money.

We’ll give it all back. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

  • You’re going to get weekly accountability calls
  • You’re going to get full access to me
  • You’re going to get full access to my members only website
  • You’re going to get an incredible discount if you sign up before Dec 31st 2021
  • You’re going to get a free daily task journal
  • You’re going to be joined by like minded inspired people

P.S Let’s be blunt, if you pass on this offer, in 30 days from now will you be any further in your journey? Probably not!

You will still wish and want it but the pain will still be there, as you still haven’t taken action to fix the problem

Wouldn’t you like to finally feel incredible and bragging about how much your body has changed for the better?

Act Now!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Early Bird Deadline Offer Ends 31st December 2021

then the course will go up to full price

And the added bonuses will be gone

DATE – 7th February 2022

(P.P.S. Drop me a message below right now if you require a payment plan as I am more than happy to help)



Ready to Make a Change?

There is no time like the present 

"You never fail until you stop trying"