Fat Loss Festival


Bad habits getting you down?

Fed up on the yo-yo diet and want consistency in your life to reach your weight loss goals? 

Then I have just the think for you … starting on the 14th June 2021!!!!

How to starting dropping your unwanted lbs and taking back serious control in as little as 10 days (Even if you have tried every diet under the sun and failed miserably.) 


I want you to imagine having the body you have always dreamed of.

But not just the body

That incredible feeling that comes with it

Your confidence sky rockets and you start surprising yourself with the positive actions you are taking daily that you used to hide away from

Now, imagine buying that dream out fit you have always wanted

Yes, that one you will wear to your next big event, where you are the envy of all your friends and your night is filled with glowing compliments about how incredible you look

Think about how this will transform your life on a daily basis…

That energy is so powerful and contagious it will be impossible to return to the old burnt out, depressed and anxious you.

What would that mean to you?

How much extra would that bring to you and your loved ones life?

Obviously, having this level of control and confidence is something that’s important and valuable to you and your family.

Have you been struggling to figure how to do this all alone

Well, you’re not alone, a lot of people have that same problem

Here are three quick fire ways you can start to see changes in your body and mindset in as little as 10 days….

1. Track Your Calories Using a Food Diary
2. Learn the Habit Loop Which Allows You to Take Control of Your Nutrition
3. Use A Daily Power List – This is 3-5 Key tasks you must do every day

Ready to feel incredible and kick those bad habits for good? 

Hey, by the way, did you know that all of the above content and another 7 key areas will be covered in my Fat Loss Festival?

Here you will be taught the 10 key areas on the GRAB THE BULL FAT LOSS METHOD that has seen 1000’s of clients transform their lives starting with a bit of fat loss.

Don’t take my word for it, check out what Bex had to say about my 21 Day Mindset challenge

“I started the 21 day challenge feeling heavy, deflated and with no motivation other than running around with my kids and work I was always feeling exhausted, 5 days into it.. my results were incredible I had amazing weight loss my body felt hydrated, energised and fantastic, I am now 4 days away from completing my 21 days and it’s become my daily routine, some days are slower than others but my body and mind has been disciplined to challenge myself even if I’m exhausted from working long hours, my weight has stayed down perfectly, my body feels toned and I even sleep so much better, my kids have even enjoyed being apart of it eating better, exercising more and love to encourage me with the steps and the dreaded cold shower that I have become a pro at Thanks to Shaun he has been around the clock support and not only pushed us to complete each day but encouraged us that it’s us that gives ourselves the discipline to go further and tackle each obstacle as he says “simple but not easy” I never knew just how much this routine fit into my days all along and I’m grateful for being able to be apart of it, I have loved every second of it and the thrill of completing each task each day.’

Why not check out her 21 Day Transformation picture with others here as well.


What Will I learn?

During the 10 Day Fat Loss Festival you will learn:

YOU WILL LEARN how to start dropping your unwanted body fat without having to eliminate your favourite food and drinks which means you will never have to start a diet ever again.

YOU WILL LEARN that you don’t need to spend every hour under the sun in the gym to see changes which means you will have more time to spend with your friends and loved ones

YOU WILL LEARN that nothing is off the menu when it comes to meals out which means you can start to build a positive relationship with food

YOU WILL LEARN the number one reason why you have struggled to lose weight, which means you can finally be stress free and no more feeling like there is no hope.

YOU WILL LEARN that you have the power to achieve anything you want from life (even if you don’t believe right now) which means you can finally stop using social media to judge your life and starting living it.

What’s Included?


Ok, so what do you get during the 10 Days? And How much does it cost?

• 10 Day Access to Private Fat Loss Festival Group
• One Live Session in the group
• Daily Tasks that will leave you in an incredible place to succeed long term
• Full access to me over the festival for accountability and questions
• All of this is just £97 (but act quick as this is a limited space event to keep the quality and value high)


I will be giving away 1 hour coaching calls to THREE lucky members so that you can discuss your struggles and goals in person to help take your journey to the next level

Those THREE will also receive a FREE copy of my Power List Journal straight to your door


P.S This £97 is a limited space event so that you can have the highest quality and value service possible.

P.P.S This means you need to act fast to secure your slot because let’s be blunt if you pass up on this offer will you have taken action yourself in the next 10 days?

Probably not!

You will still be hoping things will change but your pain will still be there and actually day by day be getting worse

Wouldn’t you love to finally see the changes you have always wanted and be able to brag to your friends how you never had to start again?

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